The Laleham Recreational Ground Committee (LRGC)

The Laleham Charities comprise Laleham Village Hall and Laleham Recreation ground, each being administered by publicly elected committees and under the jurisdiction of the Trustees of the Laleham Charities.

The Trustees are six in number, one of them being elected to serve as Chairman and another to Serve as Treasurer. The Trustees themselves are appointed by the Spelthorne Borough Council to serve for terms of four years, at the conclusion of which they may be recommended for re-appointment by the other Trustees.

The intention is that the appointment of half the Trustee should be staggered by two years. Upon resignation, retirement, or death of a Trustee is normal for the remaining Trustees to recommend a suitable person to the Borough Council, as a replacement.

Chairman: Mr Robert Parry
Hon. Secretary: Mrs Debbie Parkes
Hon. Treasurer: Mr Ian Ingham